Children Services

“Helping People Help Themselves”

Habilitation Services

Merrymeeting Behavioral Health Associates (MBHA) provides Section 28 In-Home Support services which are contracted through the Department of Health and Human Services, Children’s Behavioral Health Services. This service is for children with Intellectual Disability (IQ 70 or under) or a pervasive developmental disorder. Section 28 is designed to increase a child’s independence by building skills in the areas of daily living, behavioral management and social interaction in order to support the child’s functioning both in the home and community. Merrymeeting Behavioral Health Associates provides Section 28 services to children who qualify under the guidelines set forth by MaineCare. We work with children and their families, other professionals, and natural supports to help each child reach their fullest potential. Our services are guided by individualized treatment plans, measurable and observable goals, and on-going reviews. MBHA accepts clients who are already receiving MaineCare benefits and those who are eligible to receive these benefits under the Katie Becket waiver program. We serve children ages 0 to 21 who live Cumberland, Androscoggin, Sagadahoc, Lincoln, Knox, and Kennebec Counties.

Children’s Targeted Case Management

Children’s Case Management is available to help children (under the age of 21) and their families to effectively access relevant services in their communities. These services are grounded in the Wrap-around Process, and encompass the concept of child & family-centered planning to meet the therapeutic needs of your child. Your child is eligible for this service when they have been diagnosed with mental health, intellectual disability and/or behavioral issues. We assist children and their families to identify measurable goals that will ensure their success at home and in the community.

Targeted Case Management is currently available in Androsgoggin, Cumberland, Franklin, Kennebec, Lincoln, Sagadahoc, Sommerset and Waldo counties.